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Installation – open vented systems

Removal of black iron oxide and non-magnetic material and cleanser for open vented systems

Identify the three port valve and confirm manual operation. If not, install an isolation valve on the cylinder flow or return. Complete all relevant preliminary electrical safety checks to boiler and pipework confirming safe isolation and earth path, isolate central heating system and drain.

Identify location for installation of MagnaClean filter. Prepare pipework, installing MagnaClean copper elbows and isolation valve supplied. N.B. refer to MagnaClean installation instructions.

Having completed the installation of the MagnaClean, remove the filter and attach the MagnaCleanse hoses between the RapidFlush Filter and the MagnaCleanse HTV connector attached to the isolation valve on the pipework. N.B. The flow through MagnaCleanse RapidFlush Filter should enter the bottom right and exit top left.

Turn OFF isolation valves on the RapidFlush Filter. Loosen and remove the lid assembly from one of the RapidFlush Filter canisters.

Add a suitable cleanser to the system via the RapidFlush Filter canisters.

Re-fill and pressurise the central heating system ensuring the radiators are half-full. Check for leaks.

Turn on heating system (all radiators open) for 15 minutes. The radiators should be hot at the bottom, cold at the top.

Turn OFF the hot water circuit, by-pass valves and all the radiators, leaving only one radiator open at a time. With the system running, using ADEY’s VibraClean tool attached to an SDS drill, set to hammer only mode with no rotary action and agitate each radiator for 15-20 seconds.

Continue the VibraClean radiator agitator to dislodge any sludge deposits until the return hose to the RapidFlush Filter runs clear.

Isolate and clean the RapidFlush Filter as required. Using Personal Protective Equipment i.e. gloves and paper towels, wipe off any magnetite into a bucket or waste bag and dispose of correctly. When satisfied, open up the next radiator, turn off the treated radiator and repeat the process until all radiators are clean.

Set the boiler control to OFF. Attach a drain hose to the MagnaCleanse drain valve and secure with a jubilee clip. Temporarily cap off the expansion pipe.

Temporarily connect the cold mains supply and tank cold feed supply (to bypass header tank) including a combined stop tap and pressure gauge to control the water pressure.

Turn OFF the HTV isolation valve 2. Open the heating circuit only (two or three port valve) leaving the cylinder flow closed. Check all radiators and bypass are turned off, leaving the furthest radiator from the boiler open.

Turn on the cold mains supply and allow the mains water to flush through the pipework, partially filled radiator and return. Allow the water to drain out to a convenient point outside until clear.

When complete fill and vent the radiator and allow to circulate for 30 seconds. Repeat this process on each radiator until complete. Always open up the next radiator, before turning off the cleansed radiator. Once all radiators have been cleansed, open the domestic hot water port, then close the central heating port. This flushes the indirect coil inside the cylinder.

Having completed the previous step, turn ON the HTV isolation valve 2 on the return to the boiler and turn OFF the HTV isolation valve 1 from the system, close the DHW port and allow the cold water to flush through the boiler and RapidFlush filter.

Once complete, turn OFF the HTV isolation valve 2 and the cold mains supply. All the radiators should be full and valves open. Remove the header tank and thoroughly clean. Reconnect. Remove the cap from the expansion pipe and reconnect the cold mains supply to the header tank supply and the cold feed system supply.

Top up the system allowing the header tank to fill to the required level. Once complete, remove drained MagnaCleanse assembly, disconnect and reinstall MagnaClean filter to the isolation valves. If this method is not appropriate ensure a full drain down is carried out.

Add a recommended inhibitor into the canister i.e. use the pro-fill bleed valve or remove canister lid assembly and pour into the filter (holds approximately half a litre). Open up the isolation valves and remove any air.

Turn on the system and re-set controls to the customer requirements. Open any by-pass valves previously closed.

Commission the system following the manufacturer’s instructions. Before leaving the property, carry out the last job – SERVICE MAGNACLEAN FILTER ensuring a final check is carried out for leaks.